Practising sports should bring joy to our lives and help us connect with other people. I have participated in active training my whole life. First with my father with wrestling and various other sports as a teenager and later. Ten years ago I found myself in kendo after moving to Seinäjoki to study and I find myself still traveling the road of the sword. Sports have always meant equality, acceptance, camaraderie and self expression and development. I’ve found many close friends through common practice. Few days ago I thought that mixing sports and politics should not be done but due to events in Ukraine these past four days have made me change my mind.

The Finnish Olympic Council has stated about responsibility the following:
Fair Play – the principles of the Finnish Sporting community is an ethical framework which binds all Finnish sports clubs. It consists of the following five principles:
– equal access to sports
– responsible education
– promoting health, safety and well being
– fair and honest conduct
– sustainable development and protecting nature

Source : translation by MO.

Russia’s attack on the sovereign state of Ukraine and its citizens is in direct violation of all five principles. Tacit acceptance by rationalising that what happens in Ukraine does not concern us just helps the Russian leadership in its unjust war. This is not acceptable. WE must all say loud and clear that this cannot be accepted. There is nothing unclear about the situation. Russian war on Ukraine is not acceptable and must stop. We support the Ukrainian people and Ukraine in their fight to protect their lives, freedom and territory.

Joni Vuorenmaa, chairman, and the rest of the board of Sei Shin Ken Kai ry. Translated by Markus Ojala from the original article.